Jesus prescribed THIS antidote for a troubled heart

My husband and I met at the orientation weekend of our freshman year at college. By the end of September, we were dating and by Thanksgiving, we both knew we would eventually marry. At 18 years old, we weren’t ready for marriage, nor were our parents keen on us getting married so young. We dated that year, sophomore year and junior year. Toward the end of our junior year we were struggling for many reasons. In our immaturity, we had developed many patterns of relating that were not healthy. We agreed we should break up.

That time was very hard for both of us. We remained broken up for another two years. I remember describing the fear and sadness I was feeling as a black hole.

Who Do You Say I Am?

If we were to survey the world and ask all the people what makes a life significant, I imagine we would get a variety of answers:

  • Making a positive impact
  • Making a lot of money
  • Being a good person
  • Having people around you that you love
  • Being famous
  • Having people remember you when you are gone
  • Not hurting anyone else
  • Having fun
  • Living each day to the fullest…YOLO!
Embracing Spiritual Disciplines: Celebration

Most people will identify 7th or 8th grade as one of their worst years. I loved 8th grade! I had a nice group of friends, teachers who invested in me, and a church community where I felt at home. My 8th grade graduation was a great day. It was 1983 and the feathered hair thing was all the rage. I tried my best with my uncooperative hair. I was wearing a white eyelet dress my mother made me. I tottered on heels that weren’t high, but were far higher than I could handle. During the ceremony, I received two awards that I wasn’t expecting. My all-time favorite teacher gave me one of them.

After the graduation the whole family gathered for ice cream at a favorite local shop. It was a simple celebration.

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Embracing Spiritual Disciplines: Service

I have been trying to write this post for about four days now. Interruptions have become the norm. Each of my children has needed me for something different at separate times. I’ve had to drop everything and pick someone up, make a meal, show them how to do something, and help them study for finals. I caught myself getting frustrated at these interruptions because I was writing on an important topic. The topic? Service! The irony was not completely lost on me.

Embracing Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer

One of my children was learning to ride her bike. We had just gotten her to the point where she was independent and no longer needed us to run behind her. She headed up and down the driveway, so proud and excited. Joy filled my heart as I watched her accomplish something she had been frightened to do. Then, as if in slow motion, she veered to the side of the driveway where a short wall edged a parking space. As she headed towards it, I knew I couldn’t get there in time to save her from what was becoming inevitable.

Sure enough, she hit the short step and was thrown over the handlebars into the brush.

Embracing Spiritual Disciplines: Bible Study

When I was in college, area churches would recruit us to work on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings, babysitting in the nursery for the moms who attended Bible study. It was an easy way to have some regular cash in my pocket and I enjoyed holding the sweet babies. As the moms picked up their children, they would be carrying their Bibles and workbooks. Chatting and laughing with each other, I could see they were refreshed from a couple of hours in the Word. I’m sure it also helped that they got a bit of respite from caring for their small children.

I wasn’t in the Bible study, but I think it was then that I fell in love with Bible study.

Embracing Spiritual Disciplines: Confession

For the month of May, we will be looking at 5 spiritual disciplines and how to incorporate them into our lives. I’m excited about this series, because I need it too!

A spiritual discipline is any biblical habit that helps you grow spiritually. They are activities that put you in a position where God can work in your heart and life. Some of us may think of these as hard work, joyless, or boring at best. But spiritual disciplines will draw us closer to God. And closer to God is a place of joy and peace!


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4 Characteristics of God That Cure My Insecurity

I have started to exercise again after a long period of inactivity. I’m two weeks in and I am no longer having to lay on the floor thinking I will faint during my workout. Progress!! On Saturday my husband and I went to a local gym for a workout class. We are in our late forties and no longer look like we did in our twenties. As I walked on the treadmill I looked at people in the mirror. About half of them were young women in their 20s, fit and skinny. Old familiar thoughts began to swirl around in my brain.

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4 Characteristics of God That Put Us in Our Place

Have you ever heard someone say, “A loving God could never allow so much suffering in the world,” as a way to defend their unbelief? It is a hard argument to get past. It is hard because we think God should be someone we can understand. We think God should be someone who acts like we would act if we were God. We think if he doesn’t make sense to us, we don’t want to follow him.

The truth is we shouldn’t be able to understand God.

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4 Characteristics of God That Help Us Understand the Problem of Pain

Today is the due date for a baby I lost twenty years ago. Her (I don’t know the gender but always think of her as a girl) birthday would have been around April 11, 1997. This was the second baby I had miscarried in the course of a few months and the loss I felt was profound. There hasn’t been an April 11th that has gone by since then that I haven’t thought about it and calculated what her age would be now. I remember a particular evening soon after I lost the baby when the pain was overwhelming and I cried out, “Why?” I was struggling to understand how that could have happened to me.

I knew that suffering existed in the world.

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4 Characteristics of God That Tell Us Who We Are

It doesn’t take much to send me into a tailspin. I can be plugging along, going to Bible studies, working for my kids’ school, volunteering, managing the household, parenting, attending school events, teaching Sunday school and writing. A negative comment on SOMEONE ELSE’S blog can make me feel a little uneasy realizing that I could get a comment like that. Thinking about that possibility can make me start questioning my choice to blog, how busy I am, and why I am doing each of the things I am doing. I really can head into a very existential, meta-type discussion with myself inside my own head. It’s annoying.

Thinking through these questions is not a terrible thing.

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