10 Sure-fire Ways to Fail Miserably at Women's Bible Study

I love attending the vibrant women’s Bible study in my church! I love it so much I did two of them last year.

Some studies have been life-changing.

I became closer to God, developed deep friendships and grew in my Bible knowledge.

Other years I started out with great enthusiasm but fizzled out before Christmas.

I ended the session with half-filled out workbooks. I had lists of prayer requests that I never glanced at again. My life was too busy to let those Bible studies impact me.

Having been in dozens of groups over the years, I know all the mistakes you can make and I have made them all! I give you this list from my personal experience.

If you want to get nothing out of your study this year, be sure to follow these rules to the letter:

1. Attend sporadically –

Going every week will lead to growth, so be sure not to do that. Poor attendance will also prevent you from making new friends.

2. Be sure not to finish the study –

Working through the study homework every day only leads to spiritual growth. Do it fast so you can skip over parts that make you uncomfortable. Get some answers written in your workbook even if they don't make sense. In case your leader looks at your book, it is important that it looks like you did the study.

3. Skim the Bible passages –

This will save you lots of time. And whatever you do, don’t work through cross-references. They will take you to other parts of the Bible and might give you insight. Insight will lead to spiritual growth.

4. Keep up the appearance of being perfect –

Make sure you never let your guard down and whatever you do, never cry during your small group. Crying in front of other people makes you vulnerable and weak. You must look put together and in charge to everyone else there.

5. Give lots of advice to the other women -

Be sure to spread your wisdom and knowledge with everyone. Be especially generous with women older than you, they need your youthful perspective.

6. Never ask for prayer for yourself –

Only share prayer requests that make you look good. You can ask for prayer for your friend who has kids who are acting out. This makes you look kind and like a better mom by comparison.

7. Never spend time with any of the other members outside of the group time -

Don't go to lunch after Bible study or ask anyone to go to coffee. That would encourage friendships and friendships might make you vulnerable.

8. Promise to pray for others but don’t do it - 

Prayer takes time and attention and you could be putting your effort elsewhere.

9. Disagree with your leader…a lot –

She doesn’t know what she is talking about anyway. This will highlight your Bible knowledge and impress the others.

10. Monopolize the conversation –

You are smarter than the other women, so fill the room with your wisdom. And while you are talking, be sure to make it all about you. Because you are awesome.

Of course, I wrote this list with my tongue securely in my cheek. Most women who start a Bible study have the best of intentions. But life gets busy, we get bored and our good intentions fade out. We act as if we are following a list like the one above. We act as if we don’t want to grow. We act as if we don’t want to make friends. We act as if the group is lucky to have us.

I imagine you have been in groups where you have seen other women make these mistakes. Spotting others making these same mistakes is easy.

Seeing those mistakes in our own actions is more challenging.

Pray and ask God to show you where you tend to struggle.

Which of these mistakes have you made?

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