Rest…doesn’t that word sound glorious? One of my kids just sprained her ankle. She is on crutches and needs help getting her backpack from class to class. All her friends are more than willing to help, she just needs to let them carry her burden. Yet she finds it hard to ask for help. Just like her, we are so hesitant to let God carry our burdens for us. He wants to help; he is right there with a helping hand. But we hold tighter to our worries and struggles.

How can you let God take your burdens? Pray. Offer them to him. Then pray again and again because the tendency is to give them to him and before you know it, they are weighing you down again. This struggle is common and you should be aware of what is happening. It takes practice to trust God when you are burdened with worries and struggles, and it isn’t a one-time and done prayer. It is a process and it can take a lifetime to learn. Today he is offering you rest. Will you take him up on his offer?