Treasured Possessions

I am privileged to have the Bibles of several people in my family who are no longer living. My favorite two are matching Bibles; one belonged to my grandfather, Romaine Beck and the other to my grandmother, Beth Beck. The Bibles were gifts they gave to each other while they were engaged in 1937.

After almost 80 years the cover on one is no longer attached and the pages are falling out. I have a ribbon tied around my grandfather’s Bible to keep it all together. The best part is their handwriting on the pages. I remember my grandma’s handwriting, sloped and even, as beautiful as she was.


My grandmother was a very private and quiet woman and the red Bible I remember her reading when I knew her has no markings at all. But this older Bible that she used as a young married wife and mother is marked up and written all over. It gives me a glimpse into her heart, her life, her fears and her struggles.

On one of the first pages this short poem points to the time:

Trusting as the bullets fly,
Trusting as the planes go by,
Trusting as the bombs do fall,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

I wonder if she wrote that after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Her brother had been a soldier and I imagine war would have been frightening for her. Sometimes I wonder what she would think of my life, my choices, my family. Would she be proud of me? Would she wonder at some of my decisions? Would she be surprised at how I conduct myself or spend money? What was life like for her when she was my age?

While she has been heavenward for more than 25 years, her handwriting sends me a message from her beloved Bible:

I’ll do what I can, with what I have, where I am TODAY.

It’s a great challenge and comfort to me. God can use me now, not in the future or once I’ve become a better person. He has a plan for me now.

He has a plan for you too. What work can the Lord do through you today?