Knowing God: Getting to Know Him Through Playing With Dolls

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You know that feeling you got as a kid when you knew you had done something wrong and were about to get in a lot of trouble? I was a pretty good kid, so when I got that feeling, it was intense. I remember being about five years old when I was playing with my doll. In my imagination, my doll had to go to the bathroom and she needed privacy. So, I put her in the (only) bathroom, locked the door and closed it. I got that sinking feeling immediately after hearing that click of the door lock engaging. My dad had to take the entire doorknob off the door to get it open. I don’t think I got in that much trouble. The guilt alone made me feel miserable.

Where did that guilt come from? If I thought my doll needed privacy, why shouldn’t I lock her in the bathroom, no matter what the consequences were. In my mind, the fact that she needed privacy was truth…until it wasn’t. That ping of my conscience came from God. God placed that in each of us. It is evidence of his existence and it can help us know him if we listen carefully.

In addition, those of us who have chosen to give our lives to God and follow him are given the Holy Spirit to live in us. The Holy Spirit teaches us, reveals the meaning of the bible to us, and is a still, small voice that helps us in life.

But the truth is that we can ignore it. Our lives are LOUD. Even when my surroundings are quiet, my brain can be swirling with noise. Demanding voices, negative feelings, out-of-control lists of things that need to get done, and insecurities all can be so loud that we drown out the voice of the Holy Spirit.

What can we do to hear the Holy Spirit more clearly?

1.      Eliminate some noise. Slow down. Take time to sit and think or journal.

2.      Ask for him to make himself clearer to you. The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity. We can pray to him. He is God.

3.      Become familiar with the Bible so you can know evaluate what you hear. If what you think the Holy Spirit is telling you contradicts Scripture, then that is not the voice of the Holy Spirit.

God loves us so much and wants us to know him. He has given us nature, the Bible, our conscience and the Holy Spirit as ways to know his character.

What do you do to hear the Holy Spirit more clearly?


Today I'm linking up with Holly and friends! Click the image to join the fun!  

Today I'm linking up with Holly and friends! Click the image to join the fun!


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