Two kinds of Bible Studies and the Benefits of both

I am in two women’s Bible studies this year at two different churches. A friend invited me to one a last year and I loved it so much I can’t give it up. I also attend the one at my own church and I love the women and the study. So I’m not willing to give either up even though the time commitment is probably more than I’d like. The problem with doing two is that neither study gets quite as much attention as it should.

The two studies are very different. The first is The Amazing Collection study published by Big Dream Ministries. In three years, we study every book of the Bible for one week. Big or small, each book gets a week of study and solid application to our lives. The overview is very valuable. We are learning to see the big picture of God’s word. We are seeing how the Bible is a love letter to his people, and how he is our savior forever. This week we are tackling 1 Peter.

The other study is The Challenges of Womanhood II, a Creative Living Bible Study. We did The Challenges of Womanhood I last year. Each week focuses on a woman from the Bible. Some of them are prominent figures and some are not. We are focusing some weeks on a very short portion of scripture, then looking through the Bible to see what else it can teach us about the lessons found in that woman’s life. This week we looked at Mary Magdalene.

So on Tuesdays I’m doing a flyover of the Bible and seeing how it fits into the bigger redemption story of God and on Wednesdays I’m seeing how woman in Scripture lived out their lives in light of God’s work.

I love them both!

Both approaches have great merit. I am benefiting in doing these at the same time because I get the best of both worlds. But what if you can’t do two women’s Bible studies? You might not be at a stage in life where you can even do one!

My challenge to you is to evaluate what you are doing and try to balance it with the opposite approach. For example, if you are doing an in-depth study of a character or book of the Bible, balance that with some reading from another part of the Bible. If you are reading the Bible in a year or doing an overview type study, also take some time to read some passages slowly. I’d even recommend picking a chapter and reading it every day for a month.

If your life makes this kind of commitment difficult, try this. Take one verse and write it on a notecard. Put it in your pocket. Every time you feel it or reach into your pocket, take it out and read it. Let it soak into your soul. Teach your brain to luxuriate in the verse while doing other things. The more you put Scripture in your head, the more it will pop up when you need it in your life.

What kind of study do you do?

Kathy EricksonComment