Today I am writing with Five Minute Friday, where we set a timer and write for five minutes. This week the topic is...slow! 

When I was in college, I was reading textbooks that often included passages of Scripture. In a hurry to finish homework and assignments, I would skim or even skip these passages, figuring I just needed to know the gist of it. Sometimes my Bible reading for my own devotional time becomes like those homework assignments. My goal is to get it done so I can mark it off my list. I want to put that little checkmark on my reading plan and get to the next part of my day.

I received a beautiful book as a gift last Christmas, a coloring book of the entire book of Psalms. On each page is an illustrated verse or phrase to color and contemplate in addition to the text. I have been so enjoying doing a page each day as part of my devotions. Coloring each letter of a word forces me to slow down. Going slowly, I can focus on each word. I focus on the implications and the meaning.

When our Bible reading is goal oriented, we read fast to accomplish the goal. That kind of reading certainly has its place. I have gained so much from reading the Scriptures that way. But slow reading, savoring a short passage or a verse allows it to seep into our cracks, our hurts, our emptiness. Slow reading allows God to meet us and minister to our hearts.

Try a slow read of this verse:

You hem me in - behind and before;
You have laid your hand upon me.
— Psalm 139:5

Do you love to mull on a certain passage? Let me know in the comments!

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Join the fun! Click the image to link up too.

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