My children tell me I snore. I can’t imagine that is possible. After all, I am a lady, a sort-of girly girl. I’m sure I actually sleep like Snow White, beautiful and peaceful. Now my husband, he does make noise when he sleeps. It’s not an all out snore usually, just noisy breathing. Occasionally he will be turned toward me with mouth open breathing at my face. That’s when I turn over.

His noises sometimes keep me awake, and I can get annoyed like any other wife. If it were an all-out, wall-shaking snore, I can tell you I would be trying to find a cure. But it is usually just noisy breathing. He was out of town last night. I slept with the lights on. I don’t like to be alone at night and the quiet is not soothing then.

So when I am listening to that breathing or feeling his hot breath on my face, I try to remember what it’s like when he’s gone, and learn to appreciate the noise. The noise tells me of his presence. The noise is a gift because he is a gift.


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