3 Essential Ways to Apply the Bible

What if your spouse could spout off every fact about you? He knew your likes and dislikes, your history, your preferences, and your habits. But he didn’t want to talk with you. He didn’t want to spend any time with you. All that knowledge about you would be useless. It would probably even be hurtful that someone who knew so much about you didn’t want to be with you.

Bible knowledge is wonderful. But if it doesn’t impact our lives, we are rendering it impotent. God’s word was not written for our entertainment or to fill our minds with interesting facts. God’s word was written to reveal the Creator himself.

We shouldn’t want to just know about God, we should want to know him personally. Applying what we are learning is crucial in Bible study. Any good Bible study will lead you to apply what you are learning about God. 

Don’t settle for knowledge of God when relationship with God is available.

I like to categorize applications questions into three categories: questions about God, questions about my understanding, and questions about my actions. A good application question will require time to think and pray. Easy answers won’t bring about the spiritual growth we want.

Here is a list of questions that will get you started applying the Bible to your life.

About God

  • Who is God according to the passage?
  • Who am I in relationship to God according to this passage?
  • What can I learn about the characteristics of God in this passage?
  • What does God promise in this passage?

About my understanding

  • What misconceptions can this clear up?
  • What wrong thinking does this passage reveal in me?
  • In what ways am I acting like I don’t believe this?

About my actions

  • Who in the story is a cautionary tale?
  • Who in the story could be emulated?
  • Who in my life needs to hear this message?
  • What sin does this reveal in me?
  • What kind of life does God want me to live?
  • What action(s) should I take put this into practice?

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Did I miss your favorite? What other application questions can you think of?



Kathy EricksonComment