Heaven and Nature Sing...

I have always loved trees. I think a lush landscape, thick with trees in leaf and in bloom, is the most beautiful landscape in the world. Seeing the redwood trees in northern California evokes awe for the creator in me. Trees that are so big, so tall and so majestic remind me that our creator is amazing, so creative and so powerful. Being in the presence of such beauty helps me know a little more about my God.

God has revealed himself to humans in several ways. One of the most obvious ways is that he has revealed who he is through creation. Most of us get used to the beauty around us and forget to look at it with wonder. Looking around at what he has made can tell us many things about him.

  • He exists! Creation points to a creator.
  • He is creative. Just look around you at the variety we see in nature. It is astounding.
  • He is an artist. Our artistic attempts, even by the most talented among us, to recreate beauty pale in comparison to the real thing.
  • His abilities far exceed our own. For all our medical advances, we cannot recreate life the way God created life. We cannot create out of nothing.
  • He is HUGE. If he created an enormous world that includes galaxies and far away stars, he must be bigger than we can comprehend.
  • God predates this world. To create the world, he had to exist before the world.
  • He has a purpose. He chose to create all this. I think that points to a God who has a plan.


Understanding God through nature is a wonderful start. Romans tells us:

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
— Romans 1:20

However, we need to go further to get to know about God. Knowing the God of the Bible requires further investigation. His Word is his revelation to us. It is his love letter and the story of his plan for his creation. Understanding the plan he has for us requires understanding the Bible and its’ whole message. Picking out verses here and there gives us a glimpse, but true intimate relationship requires more study.

Today, look around you at whatever nature is nearby. What do you see? What can you conclude about God? Where do you feel true awe in nature?

I'm sharing today at hollygerth.com!

I'm sharing today at hollygerth.com!

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