Jesus - My Forever Friend

I was raised in a Christian home. When I was born, my father was a pastor and my mother was at church when she went into labor with me. I have always loved church, the songs, the felt board stories, and Pioneer Girls (anyone else remember those?). I had a beanie with a helicopter on top for some reason. I think I earned it by learning the books of the Bible. When I was six I was watching a Christian television program for kids when the announcer asked if anyone wanted to be Jesus’ friend. He told us that we could have a friend forever and led us in a prayer. That was the day I committed to follow Jesus. My commitment was elementary and quite honestly selfish. But it was real in my young girl’s heart. And I did treasure my friendship with Jesus.

My relationship with Jesus grew as I matured and I gained better understanding of what it meant to follow Jesus. Sometimes I have thought that becoming a Christian in order to have a “forever friend” was a pretty lame reason. But looking back on it now I wonder if I miss out on the friendship I have with God, this very basic element of my faith, when I get too wrapped up in scholarship, theology, or church doctrines.

Maybe it’s ok for me to embrace that child-like faith and enjoy his friendship today.

Anyone else have fond memories of church from your childhood?



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