Five Minute Friday: Weak

I’ve been married for almost 25 years. That’s why it is a little ridiculous that I am just now figuring out something powerful and amazing about God’s gift of my husband to me. Here it is: He chose my husband specifically for me, not just because of his great qualities, but also because of his weaknesses. I am learning and growing because of his struggles.

I was completely out of sorts on Sunday. He was late getting ready for church. We teach the first graders and should be there 15 minutes early to greet them. I was getting anxious and irritated when he finally came out 10 minutes late. Then he asked me if I knew where his wallet was. That’s when I got in the car, steaming, and went to church without him!

My irritation grew to cover all the members of my family that day.

In trying to figure out why I was so out of sorts, I began to realize that God has given him to me as he is, wonderful and flawed, strong and weak, loving and sometimes annoying. He puts up with my weaknesses, why should I think he would always be perfect? Those spots rubbed raw by my irritation are opportunities to lean into the Father and learn to love better.

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Kathy Erickson12 Comments