4 Characteristics of God That Put Us in Our Place

Have you ever heard someone say, “A loving God could never allow so much suffering in the world,” as a way to defend their unbelief? It is a hard argument to get past. It is hard because we think God should be someone we can understand. We think God should be someone who acts like we would act if we were God. We think if he doesn’t make sense to us, we don’t want to follow him.

The truth is we shouldn’t be able to understand God. If I can wrap my mind around who God is and why he does what he does, then he’s not all that amazing. I want to worship a God who is beyond my comprehension. When we get that understanding right, God will be in his rightful place in our minds, which will put us in our rightful place as well.

Knowing more about who God is will reveal how UNLIKE him we are. We are not God!

1.      God is all-knowing – and we know very little. He knows the past, the present and the future. We have a biased knowledge of our past, a limited knowledge of the present and no knowledge of the future. He knows these things not just about us, but about every person on earth and all the people who have lived before and all the people who are still to be born. His knowledge is wholly complete. There is nothing that can be known that he doesn’t know. We are not God.

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments and his paths beyond tracing out.
— Romans 3:11

2.      God is everywhere – and we are completely limited by space and time. Even with all the technological advances in the world, and all the complicated scientific discoveries, people still can only be in one place at a time. Perhaps moms with more than one child know this better than anyone. Try nursing a baby at home, putting a band-aid on a toddler at the park, and attending a elementary school concert at once. We are not God.

“Am I only a God nearby?” declares the Lord, “and not a God far away? Can anyone hide in secret places so that I cannot see him?” declares the Lord. “Do I not fill heaven and earth?” declares the Lord.
— Jeremiah 23:23-24

3.      God is unchanging – and we’re fickle, unstable, unreliable, erratic, insecure, volatile, irrational and ambiguous. I often think back at things I did or said when I was a teenager or young adult and cringe at my arrogance. At those times, I’m glad I can change and grow. God is perfect and has no need to grow. He is completely reliable, steady, secure, and dependable. We are not God.

I the Lord do not change.
— Malachi 3:6a

4.  God is holy – and we are a hot mess. We are corrupt to the point that we cannot even trust our own hearts to tell us the truth. (Jeremiah 17:9) Our emotions lie to us. We turn from the truth and from God. We are selfish and arrogant. We want what we want when we want it. God’s perfection is absolute. No hint of sin or evil is in him. He is so pure and righteous that he will not tolerate wickedness, which is why he sent his son to die on the cross. He will not look at us and say we were pretty good people, that’s good enough. His holiness is too pure. We are not God.

Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrong.
— Habakkuk 1:13

Knowing these truths should bend our knees to the ground in worship. We are not his peers! We are not God! What else do you know about God that humbles you?

Kathy Erickson2 Comments