Thoughtful Shopping

I really don’t like most shopping. I hate grocery shopping, always have. Clothes shopping makes me hyper aware of my body, and makes me feel lousy. I typically get my clothes online so I can avoid the fitting room at all costs. The only kind of shopping I love to do is décor and house shopping. I could spend all day in IKEA or furniture stores, and Homegoods-type stores are heaven to me.

But all too often I get on Amazon and start trying to think of things we need. If I need to rack my brain to think of it…surely, we don’t need it that desperately!

Shopping is one of those activities that when done right serves our homes and families. When done wrong, it can have negative and even disastrous consequences. The consequences might be financial, or they might make your home disorganized. Keeping shopping secrets can become a problem in a marriage.

Should Christians shop differently than non-Christians? Absolutely!

The non-Christian has not committed their life, and all they have, to God. We have. All our possessions come from him and need to be available to be used by him. Our finances are subject to his guidance. So, maybe some of those questions from the last post could be rewritten and could help us make good decisions in how we shop and spend money.

Consider these questions:

1. Would buying this take too much of my time and focus away from God?

2. Could God use this for his glory?

3. Is the Holy Spirit making me uneasy about this purchase?

4. Could I postpone this decision and pray about it?

5. Does this item make me feel secure (financial security, security in self-worth, security in success) when I should be looking to God for my security?

6. Am I buying this because it would impress other people?

Would your shopping look different if you used these questions as a guide? I think mine would. Today I must shop for shorts for my son. He has worn out all his pairs and they are now sporting holes in unfortunate places. I think purchasing clothes for my son probably passes the test. But maybe buying clothes with fancy brands in order to make me look good to others would not.

Like these questions? Click here for a printable card you can put in your purse to help you think while you shop.


What else? Are there other questions you think about when you shop?


Kathy EricksonComment