Scripture wallpaper mountains.jpg

Scripture Wallpaper

If you love mountains, you'll love this version of Psalm 33:20. Keep God's word in front of you while you work. To get the picture right click on the image and save to your computer.

Scripture wallpaper beach.jpg

Scripture Wallpaper

Use this beach wallpaper to keep God's word in front of you while you work. To get the picture right click on the image and save to your computer.


Bible Study Form

Use this cute sheet to record your thoughts and ideas when you study a portion of scripture!


Ways to Get the Most Out of Small Group Bible Study

Try these 10 ideas to ensure you will grow and experience transformation this year! Please share this handout with your small group. See the original post here:

10 Ways to Get the Most From Your Small Group Bible Study


Phrases for the Small Group Leader

Here are the 10 phrases every small group leader should practice for dealing with challenging situations. Put this cheat sheet in your Bible to have handy the next time you are leading your small group! See the original post here:

10 Phrases Every Small Group Leader Should Practice


Small Group Handout

Help yourself to this light-hearted approach to small group rules. My newsletter subscribers have permission to print this for use in your personal small group setting.

For the original post:

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Fail Miserably at Women's Bible Study


Thankfulness Worksheet

Use these ten prompts to develop an attitude of thankfulness.

For more on the benefits of a thankful heart:

One Crucial Attitude to Help You Grow Closer to God Today


Nursery Prints

Talk to your children about the most important question they will ever answer. These adorable 8x10 printouts will look great in a frame handing in your child's room or nursery! Read the blog post that inspired these prints.


Series Summary Printout

Print out this one-page summary of my Characteristics of God series. Knowing these 16 attributes of God will help you understand yourself and your world in a more accurate way. Find the original posts here:

4 Characteristics of God That Cure My Insecurity

4 Characteristics of God That Put Us in Our Place

4 Characteristics of God That Help Us Understand the Problem of Pain

4 Characteristics of God That Tell Us Who We Are


Characteristics of God...

Four unique designs highlighting who God is. When we know who he is, we can know who we are! PDF files are 5x7 and ready to print.


My God is...

A printable half sheet to put in your Bible. As you encounter attributes of God, jot them down here to gather an amazing list and get to know him better!

For more on knowing God...

Knowing God: Getting to Know Him Through Playing With Dolls



Thoughtful Shopping questions

Business card sized, these questions can be printed, laminated and added to your wallet. Ten cards fit on a page so you can laminate and share them with friends!

Fore more on shopping thoughtfully and through the lens of our Christian faith...

Thoughtful Shopping


De-cluttering Questions

Beautiful printable to help as you contemplate the possessions in your home through the lens of Christianity.

For more on de-cluttering with a Christian perspective...

Spring Cleaning with Jesus


Scripture wall art

These beautiful printables each contain a meaningful Scripture verse to decorate your home and encourage your family.


Printable Application Bookmarks

Each bookmark has 5 flexible application questions that will get you thinking about how to apply the Bible to your life. The Bible is living and active and will change your life if you let it. Print them on regular printer paper or cardstock and laminate for a durable, usable bookmark. They come in different colors and with different images so you can use them all yourself or share them with friends.

To learn more about how to apply the Bible to your life...

3 Essential Ways to Apply the Bible


Coloring sheet 1

This verse has changed my life. So I created a coloring page for you. Happy coloring!


Coloring sheet 2

Same verse, different art. I commissioned my daughter to do this one. She loves to draw and does beautiful henna designs.