The Spacious Place introduces the reader to the metaphor of the spacious place (as found in Psalm 31:8) and how understanding it can be spiritually transformative. Each weekly topic is formatted as a contrasting pair. A life with Christ should exhibit freedom not slavery, peace not anxiety, acceptance not judgment, protection not abandonment, truth not lies, transformation not stagnation. The study uses a variety of Bible character studies to illustrate how to receive freedom, peace, acceptance, protection, truth, and transformation. A focus on self-reflection and application offers a study that can change hearts and lives.


What readers are saying:

This study took me deeper than simply filling in the blanks with a “Sunday School answer” - I had to think, pray and deal with my stuff throughout this study. It was less about the right answer and more about me knowing my God better and taking another step toward the abundant life and spacious place of rest that He wants for me!
— Cheryl S., study participant
I love the way she presents these heroes of the Christian faith as real people struggling with real issues to provide insight into navigating the stresses and difficulties of life, and I also appreciate her transparency in sharing her own struggles and her personal journey to find the spacious place.
— Starla B., study participant

Why are there two versions of your book?

Being brand new to the publishing world, I made a few mistakes in my first attempt at a cover! So the second version gave me some more options for content on the back and a subtitle on the front. The internal pages are unchanged. The publishing world is presenting me with a big learning curve!